Foams, Shaving Gels

Foams, Shaving Gels

Shaving is one of the most aggressive effects on the skin. Limit the aggression to a minimum by using shaving foam or shaving gel on the menu to Vantu.

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Fresh Skin - Soothing Gentle After Shave Oil

Aftershave is very sensitive and irritated, it deserves special care. Delicate natural ingredients t..

300 CZK

JUST FOR MEN shaving foam (200 ml) 27334

Shaving foam contains ginseng essence, vitamins and minerals. It nourishes, moisturizes, gives it el..

174 CZK 75 CZK

NATURA SIBERICA icy after shave gel YAK & YETI for men 150ml

After Shave Ice Yak and Yeti Natura siberica for men will make your skin soft, moisturized and pleas..

242 CZK 174 CZK

Plnofúz - Oil Treatment Beard and mustache

Decent beards and sexy chin beds also require quality care.At your request, we have prepared a care ..

300 CZK
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