Kitchen knives

Kitchen knives

Quality kitchen knives for every kitchen. Whether you are a passionate chef or a professional, we have the right knife for you. Kitchen knives are an essential part of any home. A quality and sharp kitchen knife can save you time and also make your cooking time easier and more enjoyable. In our offer you will find various sets but also separate knives that are missing at home. Knives with a non-stick, antibacterial surface that will keep your sliced food from sticking to the knife surface. Choose from our range of Vantas kitchen knives at great prices.

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BerlingerHaus PHANTOM knives set 3pcs

Blade set BerlingerHaus PHANTOM - laser brushed stainless steel with antibacterial surface.Ergonomic..

1,062 CZK

BerlingerHaus STEAK knife 12 cm

BerlingerHaus STEAK knife with a blade length of 12 cm.Knife material: Stainless, Beech woodErgonomi..

131 CZK 109 CZK

Blaumann knives set 9pcs

Ergonomic handle for safe cutting.Easy cleaning, suitable for dishwashers.Package includes:2x knife,..

819 CZK

Blaumann STEAK knife 11 cm

Blaumann STEAK knife with a blade length of 11 cm.Knife material: Stainless, Beech woodErgonomic han..

126 CZK 98 CZK

Kitchen Chisel 29 x 7 cm

The classic kitchen chisel 29cm x 7cm is a helpful helper for every kitchen owner.Material: wood, st..

242 CZK

Kitchen knives NON-STICK set 5pcs

Set of five stainless steel knives with an antibacterial, non-stick surface (the cut foods do not st..

601 CZK 426 CZK
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