Cleaners - bathroom

Cleaners - bathroom

Give your house impeccable cleanliness. Choose from a range of products to care for and care for your bathroom. We offer a large number of cleaning products not only for tiling and tiles, but also for sanitary ware, showers, bathtubs, marble and other purposes. All this at great prices in our e-shop Vantu.

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FERTIX disinfectant 4L - Lemon

Easily and effectively removes dirt, disinfects and protects against mold, whites and completely deg..

359 CZK 266 CZK

FLORE SANITA disinfectant 1000ml

Flore Sanita Active - liquid disinfectant, fungicidal and cleaning product with whitening effect.It ..

71 CZK 53 CZK

HOME PROFESSIONAL antibacterial cleaner 500ml

The concentrated composition combats very harmful microorganisms in the bathroom, toilet and even su..

173 CZK 80 CZK

HOME PROFESSIONAL bathroom and toilet cleaner (1000ml) 27121

The product is made from corn oil and natural substances and does not contain bleach or phosphate, m..

317 CZK 152 CZK

HOME PROFESSIONAL multi-purpose cleaner with soap (1000 ml) 27127

The concentrated formulation contains healthy ingredients such as corn, coconut and palm oil, glycer..

344 CZK 148 CZK

HOME PROFESSIONAL spray grease remover 500ml

Easily removes stains and grease from all kitchen surfaces. It can be safely used on tiles, ceramic,..

264 CZK 96 CZK

KREZOSAN Fresh Plus liquid detergent and disinfectant 950ml

It destroys bacteria and yeast.KREZOSAN fresh plus is a liquid detergent with disinfectant effect. I..

159 CZK

SAVO against molds 500 ml

SAVO against molds 500ml - a liquid disinfectant in the spray effectively removes all types of molds..

104 CZK

SAVO Glanc Bathroom 500 ml

SAVO Glanc Bath 500ml - Quickly and gently removes stains from water, soap and water. The cleaned su..

97 CZK
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