About Us

Welcome to Vantu

Our company Dened s.r.o. we founded it in 2018. It is a family company under which we have helped you with this new Vantu.eu, Vantu.cz, Vantu.sk, Vantu.at e-shop in which we want to make our long-term experience available and offer you the goods from our production represented by the Dened and Vantu brand and then with the production companies with whom we have been cooperating for a long time and therefore we value their quality and seriousness. Our goal was to create a quality team of people who worked in different companies that managed different e-shops to offer you our experience in offering goods that you can buy at Vantu.eu

Whether they are buyers, designers, photographers, tailors, or just the staff who pack you and care for the trouble-free fit of your order, they do it the way they would order or watch, and last but not least these goods were used.

Our philosophy is to save you time and choose a good quality product with a variety of uses that you can see and buy in the comfort and tranquility of your home. E-shop is open for you 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Of course, in e-shop we offer you stock for different goods or great prices for goods that are running out, especially with regard to the models that have finished production or possibly previous models, or products.

One of our priorities is to offer you the goods we produce in Slovakia, possibly coming from producers from Slovakia, the Czech Republic. We do not go through the way the manufacturer repackages the goods and then declares that they are goods made in Slovakia. In our case, if the product is written in the Czech Republic and produced in the Czech Republic, it is actually a product that is physically manufactured in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, either in our own direction or at our verified suppliers. In addition, we support companies that produce part of their production in "sheltered workshops" and thus help their employees who have some physical or other disabilities.

We are not infallible and therefore, if there is any error, we will be happy to welcome your response or suggestion for improvement in any area. For example, if you have comments on the e-shop design, write some e-shop, goods, services at office@vantu.sk and we will try to work on them or improve them. In addition, we have prepared a separate blog in e-shop where we will try to get closer to our work, brands, products, but also simple articles to run the Vantu e-shop itself, which is interactive, so you can get involved with direct questions, recommendations , or you will be able to create a blog with the ideas you used for our purchased products.

Nowadays, there are many e-shops on the market that offer a variety of merchandise, sometimes with a "no name" behind these stores. Not in one case does it happen that it is just an e-shop for quick getting rich, or an e-shop that aims to misuse the customer. Therefore, we as DENED s.r.o. became a member of the Slovak Association for Electronic Commerce SAEC. As members of this association, we have committed to comply with all applicable rules in force in the Slovak Republic. By certifying our e-shop, which has passed SAEC verification, you can be sure that there is no "no name" company behind this e-shop and that we meet all the rules and at the same time we meet the basic rules of safe and trouble-free purchase. We always implement our business terms and regulations in a timely manner on the basis of adopted laws and standards.

We believe that our offer will satisfy you and you will be happy with the goods we offer.

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