Do you know the Issimo Home brand? In a short article, we will introduce you to this brand, which goes with its own style along with quality hand in hand. A brand that is known to customers all over the world thanks to its unique style and the quality of the materials used. That is why we also bring you Issimo Home products in our e-shop.

From the day Issimo got its name and began its life story by realizing its designs with fine taste and manual work, Issimo Home has become a lifestyle today. Issimo Home reflects the meaning of the word art, which it reflects in its thematically focused collections. Collections offered according to the taste of customers in each season are prepared in accordance with the current trend. Designers who create their designs in line with trends, and people who carefully prepare products down to the smallest detail, best reflect brand awareness. The importance it places on quality, its technical expertise and its customer-oriented approach have made Issimo Home one of the most ambitious names in its field. The solution it offers when expecting a customer is the most important service for our customers, ie a design approach combining realism with modernity, or art with trend. Our main mission is to attach equal importance to our values ​​and customer requirements and to be inspired by nature, to provide quality products and services down to the smallest detail.

The product collection consists of a wide range of products in the field of textiles, from bed linen, towels, bath towels, bedspreads, bathrobes, as well as pillows and quilts.

One of Issimo's main products is bed linen divided into collections such as Exclusive, Tailor Made, Satin, Cotton. As part of the Exclusive collection, Issimo offers products with a high value of the material used, from tencel (natural botanical fibers), cotton yarn, cotton satin and the like. These sheets are characterized by the high quality of the base material, in terms of weaving density, processing and a unique design that will last for years. Tailor Made series are hand-made sheets, tailor-made with an emphasis on processing, material and product detail. Of course, as with Exclusive products, the unique quality of the basic material is often not composed of 100% organic cotton. The classic products include the Satin and Cotton collections. These products are among the highest quality products on the market and are characterized by 100% Egyptian cotton material as well as a unique design. Unlike "our classic Slovak bed linen", Ranforce cotton / Cotton satin bed linen is characterized by a thicker weave, is softer and thinner, while maintaining strength. In their production, classic methods are used, as well as modern methods of combustion and application of paint, while all products of the Issimo series have a certificate - ECO-TEX-CERTIFIED. The certificate confirms human and ecological safety and guarantees that textile products do not contain chemical pollutants. It is a clean, environmentally friendly and durable alternative to petroleum-based polyester products that have a lasting chemical odor.

Another main program is towels, bathrobes, bathrobes and other bathroom textiles. The material consists of only 100% cotton, or a combination of cotton and bamboo. Issimo comes every year with a new collection of these products. Towels, terry towels, jacquard, bamboo, 100% organic cotton are created as a collection, where as a customer you can choose both a towel, bath towel and bathroom mat in one design and create a luxurious atmosphere at home as in 5 star hotels . These products can also be combined with a quality bathrobe for women, men and last but not least children. Isismo is one of the manufacturers that also offers you large-format bathroom mats, which are design and their quality could rather be called a "luxury carpet".

Bedspreads are a separate chapter. Within this collection, these bedspreads can be combined with Issimo bed linen and thus form a complete design unit in your bedroom. We also offer bedspreads in complete sets, for example 2 pillows, a blanket, together with a bed sheet to achieve a unique atmosphere. The material is dominated by 100% cotton in the processing of, for example, batik, jacquard, terry, or a combination of cotton - bamboo in various sizes. Due to their quality, you can use these bedspreads as a quick blanket in the summer, or as blankets and the like.

Pillows, blankets as associated products Issimo are produced in various materials such as bamboo, microfiber, nano microfiber, 100% cotton (spun as jacquard for example), but also with Aloe Vera and the like. These are products of a higher range than is standard, and the price corresponds to that. However, the customer gets high-quality products that last for years and are processed in excellent quality, ie high weight. The only small drawback for the Slovak customer is that these products are mainly produced in the dimensions 195 x 215 cm or 155 x 215 cm, ie for bed linen measuring 200 x 220 cm, 160 x 220 cm with pillow dimensions 50 x 70 cm .

That was a few words in short about our issimo Home products. We are constantly expanding our offer with new designs and models of this brand, so you will always find something new here. In addition, we have prepared an event or an extra discount for selected Issimo products for customers. All you have to do is enter a unique IS5PRC discount code at the cash register as a customer and you will get an extra discount of 5% of the price. This discount also applies to products in action, so you get an even better price.

We wish you pleasant shopping and satisfaction with Issimo products. The Vantu team.