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Meet Nika Intima, a quality thermal underwear made in Slovakia, which we offer in our e-shop on Vantu.

Many of our customers appreciate the fact that in our e-shop we offer you many products made in Slovakia and our thermal underwear also belongs to this range. We have also included the Nika Intima brand in our offer, as we believe it deserves it. If you want to know more about this brand, this short blog will tell you more about it.



NIKA INTIMA is a small family-owned company and was founded in 1991. Since the beginning it has been producing underwear made of natural materials and functional thermal underwear combining natural and synthetic fibers. The aim of the company is to produce quality, affordable and health-friendly clothing with the label Made in Slovakia. TERMO INTIMA products originate from the very beginning - from the sketch of the design, the selection of material, the design of the cut, or the sewing production itself, so that quality meeting the corporate philosophy of buying Slovak products is worth it. The resulting products are a combination of both traditional materials and advanced functional materials processed with advanced technologies to achieve highly comfortable antiallergic products.


Thermal underwear is functional underwear designed to be worn throughout the year, especially suitable for spring and autumn. It has excellent thermoregulatory properties and perspiration removal. We offer this thermal underwear in a wide range of applications, from underpants, T-shirts, long-sleeved T-shirts, tank tops, undershirts, underwear such as pants, boxers, but also hooded t-shirts and bras. Of course designed for children, women and men, all constructed according to the Slovak size charts.


Basically, all our products are made of non-toxic materials. Just because the input materials are dyed and processed in Slovakia and the EU, where there are high requirements and parameters for health safety, our customers have a guarantee of quality and healthy materials. In addition, we have a collection of products for people with particularly sensitive skin and allergy sufferers. All products in this collection are free of any allergens or dyes. The material used for their production is made of high-quality natural cotton or natural bamboo, a fiber that has not been chemically treated. The knit was only washed with non-aggressive detergents and has a natural natural color. The advantage of this production is the conservation of nature and the environment, since the material is not bleached and dyed, thus significantly reducing the water consumption during its final treatment.


What makes our thermal underwear specific and suitable for sports?

TERMOintima and TERMObambus thermal underwear or thermal underwear are made of materials using a combination of natural fiber (cotton or bamboo) and synthetic POP fiber, which serves for functional perspiration removal and also has antibacterial treatment STOP BACTERIA. By treatment, the biogenic silver ions prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. The synthetic polypropylene we use in our production has a negative charge, so there is no risk of getting an allergy to it.
They are also durable products that last longer than conventional thermal underwear and are less stuck and abrasion. The fiber has a shape memory and after washing it returns to its original shape. So the products stretch and wear to fit, but they return to their original size by washing.
Ideal for sports is the RETRO collection, where the proportion of thermofibers is increased and KLASSIC are sports - elegant products, which function as a high-performance underwear, but can also be worn as elegant outerwear without sporting signs and visible sports elements.


Care of thermal underwear.

Regarding the care of thermal underwear, functional underwear, it is sufficient to follow the instructions on the label, such as washing temperature and drying in the dryer, as well as read the maintenance information, which can also be found in our e-shop for each product. Empirically, however, we have proven that our products can withstand higher temperatures and more frequent washing than commonly recommended. But be careful not to use fabric softener only in thermobennis to maintain antibacterial function. This will not hurt the thread, but this feature is significantly eliminated. And, of course, do not iron (!) And protect from open fire, as the thermofiber has a low melting point. You will find all the essential maintenance data for each product.


In short, we tried to bring you closer to our thermal underwear brand Nika Intima, which has become popular with many customers not only in Slovakia, but throughout Europe through our e-shop Vantu. If you decide to buy this thermal underwear, we wish you absolute satisfaction with our brand Nika Intima and we believe that you will always like to return to it because we produce it and offer it as if we did it for ourselves :-). If you have any questions, feel free to email us and we will be happy to answer them.

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