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Against mold, moisture

Choose from our offer of drugstores and disinfectants. Protect yourself from dangerous viruses, bacteria and infections also by using hygienic disinfectants against fungi. Keep your home clean and fresh with your favorite cleaners. Your favorite drugstore in one place.

Brand: Well Done
Easily and effectively removes dirt, disinfects and protects against mold, whites and completely degreases.With active chlorine content, combined disinfectant and cleaning effect. It is suitable for disinfection of washable and chlorine-resistant surfaces and bleaching of textiles.It is a great repl..
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Brand: Chemotex
Flore Sanita Active - liquid disinfectant, fungicidal and cleaning product with whitening effect.It is used for disinfection and sanitary purposes in households, healthcare, agriculture, food and the like. It is also used to kill mold.Disinfection of floors, surfaces, kitchen and sanitary tools and ..
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SAVO antifungal bathroom spray 500 ml
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Brand: Savo
A special liquid spray product to remove mold and yeast, which can form in the form of unwanted stains on the edges of the bath, sink, shower enclosure, around the silicone seal or in the joints of the tiles.Use: Press the safety lock and simultaneously rotate the spray nozzle to its working positio..
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SAVO antifungal spray 500 ml
Brand: Savo
Liquid spray product for removing molds, fungi, lichens and yeasts throughout the household with immediate effect, visible effect and disinfectant effects.SAVO against molds 500ml - a liquid disinfectant in the spray effectively removes all types of molds and fungi. The surface is disinfected and be..
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