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FEDA Protein Stick with oyster mushrooms 100 gram

FEDA Protein Stick with oyster mushrooms 100 gram
Hot Made in Slovakia
FEDA Protein Stick with oyster mushrooms 100 gram
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FEDA Protein Stick with oyster mushrooms 100g - delicacy for dogs, highly attractive complementary dog food. With regular administration, it promotes good digestive tract, immune system and locomotor system, detoxifies the organism and helps prevent dental plaque.

Containing humic acids. Made in Slovakia. Serving as a reward, water should be available.

Humic substances: they help in the prevention of health disorders, they are a supportive agent for digestive tract disorders (acute and chronic diarrhea, inflammatory diseases, mucosal ulcers), they support and stabilize intestinal microflora, they are a source of minerals in chelated form (easy to use for the body) They detoxify the organism (detoxication of exogenous and endogenous poisons in acute and chronic poisoning), binds molds, microbial toxins, toxic metals or pesticides and excretes them together with body debris, has a positive influence on liver function, acts anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral.

Oyster mushroom: enhances the immune system, strengthens the immune system, activates and supports the reproduction of the immune system cells, helps the body to manage infections and stress, promotes regeneration after injuries and surgical procedures, acts cytostatically on tumor cells, improves the absorption of vitamins and minerals; activity of the intestines.

Collagen: it helps the regeneration of stressed joints and cartilages, Can alleviate joint and bone pain, It has beneficial effects on healing of broken and regeneration of the skin, Supports the elasticity and strength of the skin.

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Pack size and composition
Capacity, Size 100 gram
Product composition Composition: Freshly processed beef and veal, Collagen, Uric acid (Beta glucan), Humic substances, Ovted fiber.

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