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Frequently Asked Questions

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You do not need to have a customer account to create an order. All you have to do is select I'm shopping as a "guest" at the checkout. However, if you decide to register as a registered customer in our store, you will get benefits such as full access to your account, where you can view all your orders, purchases, complaints, etc. .

You may have noticed that for some products in our store, the stock status is "We will sew in 5-7 days", what does this mean? The products that we offer and it is stated that they are made in Slovakia are actually made in Slovakia. This information about the delivery is usually given for the home textiles that we produce. Therefore, we do not have all products from the offer sewn in stock, this mainly concerns bed sheets or bed sheets. In most cases, we have the basic dimensions sewn, but considering that each customer orders according to his own preferences, we prefer the possibility of having the fabric in stock and then sewing the ordered products based on the order, therefore, for such products, we indicate the time it takes to sew the product. Of course, sometimes it takes less time, but in general, the customer will receive their order within 7 days of entering it into the system. The exception is the goods, if there is currently no fabric, but in this case we will contact the customer with the delivery date of the order.

This term means that any ordered goods that are not in stock or not in stock in the required quantity will be added to our warehouse. If you see the sign "we will replenish in 2-3 days", this is a product that is currently sold out, but because it is a permanent product in our offer, we will reorder this product within the specified days.

The term "delivery in 4-5 days" means that if this product is not in our stock, it is located in the central warehouse from which we will subsequently download it and send it to the customer, but as a rule, the goods ordered in this way will reach us within 2 days and subsequently is exported to the book.

Orders that are in stock are shipped the next day after receipt. In the case of ordering goods that are modified, made to order, or are not currently in stock, the terms specified for the specific product apply. We try to process your order in the shortest possible time, if there is a delay in the preparation of the order, we will contact the customer with the delivery date and then the customer will decide on his order.

For products marked as "made in Slovakia", all these products are physically produced in Slovakia. These are not repackaged goods, as we know and choose the suppliers. Based on this, we also have the production dates for the products, depending on the product and the supplier.

In this section, you will find the most frequent answers to our customers' questions, which were collected during the existence of our e-shop. If you happen to not find an answer to a question that interests you, don't mind, write to us and we will be happy to answer it.