Cat food

Cat food

Order comfortably from home food for your pets in our offer to Vantu. Complete range of cat food for all breeds and all ages. All feed and snacks are GMO-free. You can find here granules, cans but also snacks that can serve as a reward or just a pleasure. Each cat is a carnivore and therefore different kinds of meat are the basic ingredients of our canned and granulated granules. All this and much more at great prices can be found on the Vantu e-shop.

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COLLAGEN for dogs and cats 100g

Hydrolysed collagen is a highly digestible and fully usable protein for dogs and cats that is common..

274 CZK

ELZA chicken paté 100g

The balanced composition of the ingredients ensures proper digestion and helps the healthy and shiny..

24 CZK

ELZA salami Pork & Chicken 400g

Pork with chicken - Complete food for cats made from fresh meat ingredients with a full content of a..

30 CZK

OK CAT complete food for cats 1kg with salmon

Warning: Feed is always made from fresh food and without chemical preservatives! In case of your ord..

103 CZK 79 CZK
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