Canned food for dogs

Canned food for dogs

Will buy from the comfort of home canned food for dogs made from the best ingredients. Canned foods that contain a high proportion of meat will delight your dogs. You can also mix cans with granules or other foods. Our cans contain a balanced ratio of vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and minerals. Feeding canned dog is unpretentious and you are sure that you will still give him a fresh delicacy he will love. In addition, the cans are easy to store. Wide range of quality dog food at great prices at Vantu.

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CANIS cans with poultry meat for dogs 1250g

CANIS conserve with poultry meat 1250g suitable as a full-fledged diet. Without dyes and preservativ..

44 CZK

Meat can with chicken meat and pumpkin 1000g for dogs

The most popular meat tin for dogs with chicken. The pumpkin adds zinc, iron, and it has positive ef..

61 CZK 44 CZK
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