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Leashes, Harnesses

The right collar for your dog for everyday walks and a wide selection of flexi, leather and nylon leashes, tracking leashes for dogs and cats. Just choose in our e-shop.

Brand: Vantu
Leash and collar made of high quality nylon. On the one hand they are very firm and on the other they are soft and pleasant for your dog.It is suitable for all weather and very good price / quality ratio.The collar is in combination with a chain width of 2.5 cm and the collar size is adjustable from..
151 Kč
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Brand: Vantu
The tracking guide is ideal for obedience training of puppies and young dogs or for control during walks. The guide is made of a non-absorbent polyamide strap finished with sealing. At the other end of the leash is a chrome carabiner, which is attached to the dog's collar.We offer dimensions of 5 me..
217 Kč
Ex Tax:180 Kč
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