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Product complaint

How to proceed in the event of a complaint about goods purchased in our e-shop.

The goods are claimed by the person who purchased the goods in our e-shop or by a person who is authorized. The reason for this step is simple, as only the person who made the purchase has the purchase information. The system assigns to each purchase a specific person and his contact information, such as e-mail, to which, after the purchase, all information about the subject of the order is sent, as well as documents related to it.

Complaint conditions are an integral part of our business conditions. The customer will always find the current complaint conditions on the e-shop page under the link Business conditions.

To process your possible complaint as quickly as possible, we recommend that you use our ONLINE COMPLAINT FORM, which you will find in our e-shop and, in the case of registered customers, also in their personal accounts after logging in. By using this complaint form, the resolution of your possible complaint will be significantly accelerated.

If you do not use our online form to resolve your complaint and you prefer the "paper form", you have the opportunity to send us an email or a form with your complaint. In this case, provide all the essential information about your order, such as name, address, telephone contact, contact email, order number under which the order was located, as well as a description of the error for which the goods are claimed. In case of email, send this complaint to the address: office (zv) Send us the completed complaint form together with the claimed goods to our address below.

Address for sending the claimed goods: DENED s.r.o .; Harangovská 403/8; 09414 Sečovská Polianka; Slovak republic

WARNING: We do not accept goods on delivery!

You can also find more about complaints and withdrawals from our article on this issue in our blog.