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Shipping & Payment

Shipping prices are currently changing for all shipping options by country and delivery method! Valid prices will be displayed when creating an order in the cart!

Payment options.

As part of the payment for the ordered goods, customers have a choice of several payment options. Individual payment options are set according to the countries of delivery, so we warn customers that in some countries we allow payment for the order only by bank transfer to our company's account, or through a secure payment gateway for payment by card.

1. Payment in cash: this option is available to customers in the case of an order where the customer chooses the option "personal collection at the branch". The customer pays in cash at our collection point upon receipt of the shipment: Dened s.r.o.(; Hlavná 72; Stankovce; 07661; Slovak republic. Customers are reminded that only payment in cash is possible at the personal collection branch, not by credit card.

2. Cash on delivery: when paying for a cash on delivery, the customer pays for the goods upon receipt or delivery of the shipment to the address specified in the order. The customer pays the amount of the cash on delivery to the carrier either in cash or by means of a payment card (according to the possibility of the transport company). Customers are kindly requested to request proof of payment from the shipping company in the case of cash on delivery. Cash on delivery can only be claimed in the following countries: Slovakia, Czech Republic

3. Payment by bank transfer: by choosing the option of payment by bank transfer, the customer pays the amount of the order by transfer to the account of our company. After receiving payment on our account, the goods are then sent to the customer to the delivery address specified in the order.

Payment details for payment via bank transfer:

Customers paying in Euro €:

Banka Slovenská sporiteľňa a.s., IBAN account number: SK05 0900 0000 0051 5176 3809, account number: 51 5176 3809/0900,, Swift code: GIBASKBX

Customers paying in Czech crown (CZK) and customers in Czech Republic:

Banka FIO Banka a.s., Account number IBAN: SK54 8330 0000 0028 0154 1869, Account number: 28 0154 1869/2010, Swift code: FIOZSKBA

Enter your order number as a variable symbol.

4. Online payment: simple and secure electronic online payment via the secure GO PAY payment gateway. The payment gateway allows instant payments, card payments, Google Pay payments and other electronic payment options. The operator of the payment gateway is the company GOPAY s.r.o .; Planá 67; 37001 Planá; Czech Republic; IČO: 26046768, which is authorized to provide payment services and is a regulated entity under the supervision of the Czech National Bank, the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic, as well as the supervision of the National Bank of the Slovak Republic.

Transport of goods.

As part of the transport in our e-shop, the customer has a choice of several transport options, namely:

1. transport by courier to the customer's address,

2. transport of the consignment to the collection point,

3. delivery of the consignment to the post office (valid only within Slovakia),

4. personal collection of the shipment at the branch Dened s.r.o. (, Hlavná 72, Stankovce, 07661, Slovakia

Shipping prices are different for each method of delivery, as well as depending on the country of delivery. All shipments also have a limit on the weight of the shipment, which is also different for the country of delivery. For example, courier transport within Slovakia is limited in weight to 99.9 Kg, after exceeding this limit, transport from the menu will be turned off and only available options will be displayed. If the customer is interested in transporting a consignment of a higher weight than set in the e-shop, the transport is determined individually by agreement. All transport prices are final, including all fees (tax, toll, cash on delivery, tolls, etc.). Individual methods and prices of transport according to the country of delivery: